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ERA Kapital

ERA Kapital (www.erakapital.eu) is an active operator and investor in:

A. Small and Medium Seized companies operating in life-style, design & fashion industries, creative industries and technologies applied to the creative industry, mechatronics, industrial machinery and technologies, cosmetics, nutraceutics and food, urban and social impact and mobility, sports and materials.

B. Early stage companies operating in Technology Sectors: ict / internet applications & portals / e-commerce / social media / genetic & nutraceutics / industrial products, materials & nanotech / smart cities and new urbanism / media, communication & advertising / cleantech / human data mobility / mathematical-theoretical applied models / civil applications of aerospace technologies / bio-mimicry and bio-projects / mechatronics / machinima / foodtech / agro-tech and agriculture.
ERA Kapital is a pan-European, Customs Union (EurAsian Economic Union (EAEU) Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Armenia and Kyrgystan) which operates as a Search Fund in the private equity, venture capital and business angel space with a strong industrial vision and industry-wise approach both locally and globally. Also advising companies from the countries of operations to expand their businesses and trading activity.

In the creative industry ERA (www.era-kreativindustrie.eu) is gathering new designers from different countries to work globally on cross-industries and cross-countries life-style projects.

ERA is eager to work on projects with clear identity and cultural roots and with people openly enjoyng contamination and circulation of ideas and experiences. achieved also through outside-the-box-thinking.

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